The Machine Movie

A film by Caradog W. James

A new game-changing weapon is developed in the midst of a cold war, an android with unrivalled physical abilities, The Machine.

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“An impressively slick and intense British Sci-Fi film... Strong and charismatic lead performances... Mesmerizing... Sleek... Sexy.”

Screen Daily

“Intelligent, thought-provoking sci-fi drama. Brit sci-fi at its best.”

SFX Magazine


The Daily Mirror

“Perfect, heartbreaking... the closest to Blade Runner that any film has come since 1981”

Sound on Sight

“A stylish indie sci‐fi thriller... you’re going to want to see it.”

The Verge

“For those that like smart science fiction... it’s a too rare, thrilling treat”


“The Machine is a gorgeously shot sci-fi thriller with an intriguing thematic undercurrent about the ever-blurring boundaries between people and machines.”

The Week